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I am Lynn Brundage, and I, and my fellow sitters and walkers would love to help you care for your beloved pets!  I am a graduate from Michigan State University with a bachelor degree in Environmental Biology/Zoology and quite a bit of experience working with and around animals. 

I have held several jobs throughout my life that have allowed me to utilize my passion for animals.  During college I embarked on an internship in Missouri where I netted and banded many different species of song birds.  I also spent the greater part of a year working at a local veterinary hospital.  Since graduation I have held a position as an animal caretaker (caring for monkeys, pigs, dogs, rabbits, rats and mice) for a major pharmaceutical company.  I am currently the supervisor of a liquid chromatography group at a large industrial hygiene company and I also manage the hazardous wastes for the entire laboratory.

My interest and love for animals began as a young child as I convinced my parents to allow me to share my life with many different pets.  I have cared for many types of reptiles (I currently have an African Spur-thigh Tortoise), many species of rodents (mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, a rat), rabbits, a ferret, fish, crayfish, frogs, toads, several cats and a dog. 

I have a deep affection for all living things and hope to make a difference in the lives of many animals and their parents!




Adrianne (sitter/walker)


Adrianne joined Little Critter Sitter, LLC (LCS) in April of 2007 servicing primarily the Livonia area.  She has extensive experience caring for many types of animals.  Over the last 15+ years, she has worked at two privately owned stables caring for horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and other various animals.  When she is not caring for her barn friends she is at home enjoying her two cats, Tucker and Murphy!  By choice and passion she is always surrounded by animals!





Beth (sitter/walker)


Beth Joined LCS in May of 2007 and primarily services the Livonia and Redford areas.  She has always had a deep affection for animals and currently cares for three dogs of her own.  If she is not out walking your dogs or sitting for your pets, you can often find her taking her own dogs, Spike, Murphy, and Toad for long walks around the city.  If you are looking for somebody with a strong passion for animals and a very high detail to care, Beth is the person!!!





Duane (sitter/walker)


Duane's passion for animals joined us in October of 2008.  Duane primarily services the Livonia area but also services limited areas in Plymouth.  He has a lot of experience caring for a variety of animals and his love for them is apparent.  When he is not walking your doggies or caring for your babies, he can often be found out walking or throwing a tennis ball his Golden Retriever, Casey!!!  He has also been caught on many occasions paying mid-day visits to his grand-pups!  




Greg (sitter/walker)


Greg is a long time friend and an avid animal lover, which makes him perfect for the job!  Greg joined LCS in February of 2009.  He has spent a majority of his life surrounded by dogs, including several Golden Retriever's that he grew up with (Trevor, Marley, and Casey).  He and his wife's latest babies are Sydney, their loving and energetic Black Labrador, and Orangey his African Cichlid.  If you are looking for a trustworthy and dependable animal-lover to care for your babies, Greg is the one!!





Rhonda (sitter/walker)


Rhonda joined the LCS staff in January of 2010 primarily servicing Farmington and Farmington Hills. Rhonda, who works in marketing for a local automotive company, was looking for something additional to do with her time that was animal oriented.  We are glad to have her! She is quite the animal lover and it speaks for itself when learning about what Rhonda has been doing over the last several years. Rhonda has been a volunteer foster parent for the Michigan Humane Society over the past four years or so.  She has been responsible for the rehabilitation, socialization and adoptability of 60+ unfortunate kitties they have come across.  She is an animal lover and a great caretaker which makes her a great addition to any family!



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